The new ABT QS7, an SUV to be presented at the Geneva Motor Show this year, is indeed most sporty: the 3l TFSI shows 410 hp or 301 kW, up by 77 hp (56 kW). But since for reasons of efficiency most customers choose the 3l diesel, ABT Sportsline, the leading tuner of cars produced by the Volkswagen Group, has a power package for this engine as well. It now shows 325 hp (239 kW), up from 272 hp or 200 kW. Torque is up from 600, now standing at 680 Nm, allowing this 2.1t Audi Q7 to tow any kind of trailer.

The new Q7 is much more than just a normal SUV at any rate. Just look at its elegant design. And in the ABT variant, it is also extravagant. It is especially the assertive wide-body aerodynamic package with a lot of carbon fibre parts that reveals its driver’s self confidence: front skirt, fender extensions, door strip attachments and the powerful rear skirt set with its angular four-pipe exhaust system. But the narrow-body version, with no wing spacers, is also most sporty and fits the chic design perfectly. Incidentally, both aerodynamic packages can also be ordered with special rear wings and fender inserts.

All this is ideally completed with the ABT Sportsline sport-type wheels. They signal enormous forward thrust and are fully in line with the design. If you choose a CR, DR or FR in 20 or 22’’ is a matter of taste, but all ABT wheels are very light, very quiet and can all be got in combination with high-performance tyres. All components are produced in the best ABT quality and thoroughly tested. After all, an ABT QS7 is to provide extra fun – all down the line.

And the ABT QS7’s interior also stands for top-quality individualisation. The dashboard, all pillars but also the sill panels, window panels, B-pillar and seats and seat panels are leather-covered. Contrasting seams make for an extravagant look. Another highlight are the exclusive exposed-carbon parts of the dashboard, steering wheel, seat frame cover and centre console. And the set of floor mats is also part of the interior concept.

More information, pictures and datasheets you find under following link: The QS7.