Even more power ‒ no way. Yes, absolutely: The current Audi S8 is already available from ABT with impressive 675 HP or 640 HP (496 or 471 kW). Now the company engineers have another plus in power up their sleeves based on the series-produced car. The Biturbo-V8 is actually designed to be eligible for another upgrade without compromising its incredible features in regard to performance and applicability for everyday life.

ABT S8 now represents the absolute top-of-the-line based on the plus version of the luxury sports car, and the “plus” in the name must definitely be taken seriously: The eight-cylinder car brings powerful 705 HP (519 kW) to the road ‒ 605 HP (445 kW) for the series-produced car. The ABT S8 is probably the most elegant and comfortable super-sports car: The limousine’s performance is a declaration of war against the other “flat” and uncomfortable flounders: Top speed of 320 km/h, from zero to hundred in 3.5 seconds and an enormous torque of 840 Nm (series: 700 Nm) ensure that the luxury glider can do more than cruise. It is perfectly suited as an elegant and comfortable travel vehicle. The S8 Plus is extremely sporty and fast.

Of course, ABT offers a level-control chassis for the S8 that is perfectly suited to the character of the noble “high-flyer”. Drivers can select a setup that suits their driving style. The lowering of the vehicle’s point of gravity by more than 25 millimetres ensures that the luxury liner grips the road even better ‒ and it gives the car an even more powerful visual appeal. The ABT muffler system (with pre-silencer replacement pipe if desired) in its well-known four-pipe design (Ø 89 mm) indicates the type of manufacturing from which the S8 was created.

The sport rims in designs DR and FR in 20, 21 and 22 inches are optimised in regard to weight and distribution and ideal for complementing the visual appearance of the ABT S8 and S8 Plus. Of course, ABT Sportsline also has complete wheel-sets with premium high-performance tires from Continental or Dunlop in its product range; these are necessary accessories if you want even more driving power and enjoyment.

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